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ShoeString Records was established in 1997 by Shachar Oren and James St. James. It is an indie label based in Atlanta, GA, USA, and caters to new and challenging artists and music in different noisy formats. James St. James is the general manager of Atlanta's premier nightclub, The Point , which is located at the heart of Atlanta s Little Five Points neighborhood. Shachar Oren is an Atlanta music producer, promoter and A&R person. In recent years he has worked as Program Director at WRAS 88.5FM, where he produced the two WRAS Radio ODDyssey live-on-air compilations. Oren was employed at Ichiban Records, where he held an A&R and radio promotion position at the new Altered Records imprint (he is responsible for new releases by Drivin n Cryin, Pineal Ventana, Clay Harper's Casino Records, Fleshtones, and more). ShoeString Records is distributed by Ichiban Records / KOCH international, and its releases should be available at the finest record store near you. Thank you for visiting our site. We hope you like what you see and hear, and would love to get your feedback via e-mail or snail mail or whathaveyou.

THE POINT-A great Atlanta club!

Ichiban Records-Home of Altered Records

Albums we thought would interest you:

The following is part of Shachar Oren's discography. You can mail-order the "featured" releases by sending ShoeString Records $15 ($20 outside the USA) to:
PO Box 8952
Atlanta GA
-- or by buying them from CDNow.

BOB - "Rounded At The Free End" (Half Backed Record) (Shachar Oren: Producer, "Fist Embodied Duck" 1995)

WRAS's Radio ODDyssey
(Ichiban Int. D2-24876) [Produced & engineered by Shachar Oren, 1996] Live on-air compilation featuring: G. Love, Toadies, Morphine, The Throwing Muses, The Chrome Cranks, Soul Coughing, Weapon Of Choice, Lisa Germano, Jack Logan, The Wedding Present, Freedy Johnston, Miranda Sex Garden, Spearhead, Vic Chesnutt, Cranes, Low Pop Suicide, Mary Karlzen, April's Motel Room, Drepung Loseling Monks (Tibet).

The Sightseers - 7" Single (Shotput/57 Records) [Producer: Shachar Oren, Away 1996]

WRAS Comp 2
WRAS's Radio ODDyssey #2 - The GA Music Show
(Altered Records ALT 3113) [Produced & engineered by Shachar Oren, 1997]Live on-air local compilation featuring: The Rock*A*Teens, The Continentals, Pineal Ventana, DQE, #1 Family Mover, Bob, VO5, The Goodies, Tweezer, Marcy, Heinous Bienfang, Babyfat, Frontstreet, 17 Years, Smoke.

Pineal Ventana - Breathe As You Might (Altered Records ALT 3117) [Shachar Oren: A&R + co-producer, 1997]

Drivin n Cryin - Drivin n Cryin (Ichiban Int.)[Shachar Oren: A&R, 1997]

Tweezer - How To Live In A Day Of Moral Chaos (ShoeString SHO 4550) [Shachar Oren: Producer, 1997]

Williams Carlos Williams - White Women (ShoeString SHO 4551) [Shachar Oren: Mix, 1997]

Fleshtones - More Than Skin Deep (Ichiban International D2-24940) [Shachar Oren: A&R, 1998]

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